Parish Nursing

Leader: Brenda Rau

Parish Nurse Ministry at Hopewell

Hopewell is blessed to have a parish nursing ministry because of the generosity of Brenda Rau, R.N., Roni Lockhart, R.N., and Trevor Loudermilk, EMT. They are volunteering their time, knowledge, and experience to make this ministry possible and are available to all Hopewell members and members of our immediate community. 

Roni Lockhart 

Mission Statement

Hopewell’s Parish Nurses recognize health as encompassing the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. They dedicate themselves to providing a ministry that allows for the integration of faith and wellness for every person.

Hopewell’s Parish Nurse ministry offers assistance with many aspects of health care: understanding new diagnoses and medications, helping prepare for doctor’s visits with questions you want to ask, visitation from a registered nurse after hospitalizations to check blood pressure, other vital signs or wound care, and assistance with finding long term placement for a loved one.  


Good Grief

Even when death is expected, it still seems to surprise us. We thought we had a little more time, even one more day. Now we are left with overwhelming sadness and a long to-do list. It’s hard to know where to start when we are struggling just to breathe. If we knew the issues and decisions that we would be dealing with beforehand, it would make a difficult time a bit easier.

Hopewell’s Health Ministry/Parish Nurse is offering a seminar, Good Grief, to help you prepare. The seminar will be held on Tuesdsyday,  June 27th from 11:00 - 12:30. Lunch will be served. There is no cost to attend. Please RSVP to the church office, Brenda Rau or Roni Lockhart.  


Emergency Response Teams

The Parish Nurse Ministry is currently developing a medical emergency response team for Hopewell. This team of medical and non-medical members will respond to any emergency that may occur during Sunday service or any event held on church property. Also in development is a security emergency response team. Any member interested in helping on either team, please contact Brenda, Roni, or Trevor. 


You may also call Brenda Rau at 336-416-6181.